Cooks on Camera: Discover the best cooks on the web.

Hi I’m Rachelle Slater and guess what? I love cooking and I love food!

I’ve been talking about, reading about and watching videos and TV shows about food my entire adult life so I thought I would write about it too.

I explore cuisines from around the globe. I aim to find and share a wide variety of cooks from expert chefs to home cooks. Everyone has to start somewhere and there are some fantastic cooks yet to be discovered by a wider audience.

I’m also a big fan of cooking from scratch. It’s so important for your health and well-being to be able to feed yourself simple nourishing food. Watching cooking videos is a fun, easy way to learn how to cook and not have to rely on pre-made supermarket foods.

I know it can be tough trying to feed a family seven nights a week. I have three children all with different needs and a husband with his own likes and dislikes. I say keep it simple and everyone eats the same thing. I often pick one recipe to try on the weekend when I have a bit more time. If the recipe works out I’ll add it to the rotation. And of course I use a few cans of soup or a frozen pizza for dinner when I want to.

I hope you enjoy using Cooks on Camera to explore the amazing and inspiring abundance of wonderful cooks on the web. If you’re a cook or you know of one that would be a great addition to Cooks on Camera let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy cooking,

Rachelle Slater