Easter 2018: Carrot Cake Extravaganza!


Easter is a favourite holiday for those of us with a sweet tooth. And although it’s fun to sample some of the amazing chocolate treats on offer, there are plenty of other baking options to choose from.

Why not try a carrot cake this year?

Carrot Cake has been around for a very long time. Many moons ago when sugar was a luxury carrots where used as a natural sweetener. Again during rationing in WW2 Carrot Cake was popular because sugar was so hard to get. While we don’t have that problem any more the Carrot Cake remains a favourite all over the world!

Here are some creative and delicious Carrot Cake recipes for you to try this Easter from some of our favourite cooks. Click on a photo below to go to the recipe.

Nerdy Nummies Carrot Cake Balls


Laura in the Kitchen Italian Carrot Muffins

Italian Carrot Muffins Recipe

Foodwishes Carrot cake

Carrot Cake

Gemma Stafford Cupcakes

3 Small Batch Cupcakes (Carrot Cake, Flourless Chocolate & Vanilla)

Kawaii Stweetworld Easter Basket

How to Make an Easter Basket Carrot Cake!

However you decide to celebrate, may your Easter be filled with the most important things of all, love and connection, happiness and joy.


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