Helens Kitchen Cooking School

Helen Rennie

About Helen’s Kitchen Cooking School with Helen Rennie

Helens Kitchen is a wonderful channel hosted by the very entertaining and knowledgeable Helen Rennie.

Helen always had a love of food and no matter what path she took in life she always came back to food. She trained at Casablanca Restaurant and eventually began teaching cooking classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult education. Helen clearly has a talent for both cooking and teaching and in 2005 she opened her own cooking school that she runs out of her home in Boston.

Her style of cooking is grounded in the New England tradition with an eclectic sprinkling of European influences. Included on her channel are a series of skill-based videos that are very useful for the new cook.

To try one of Helen’s recipes click on a photo below or scroll to the bottom of this post for all of Helen’s links.

Cook with Helen’s Kitchen

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