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About Joyous Health with Joy McCarthy

Joyous Health is probably the most aptly named YouTube channel online! It’s all about gaining joy through health with host Joy McCarthy.

Joy is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist from Toronto where she lives with her husband (and cameraman) Walker and their little girl, Vienna.

Her own health problems led her to get proactive and look for ways to heal with food and lifestyle changes. After studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition Joy started her blog to share her passion for food and health. Her unique blend of expert knowledge and engaging personality is the foundation for her online programs and eBooks produced by Joyous U.

Joy has two books, Joyous Health: Eat and Live Well without Dieting became a bestseller in 2014 and Joyous Detox was published in 2016. A quote from Joy, “My goal is to help you live a more healthy joyous life one morsel and one thought at a time.”

Try one of Joy’s recipes today, just click on the photo’s below to go to the recipe video or scroll to the bottom of this post for all Joy’s links.


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