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About All Tastes German

All Tastes German is a unique channel about the food from all regions of Germany.

Depending on where you are in Germany the cuisine may be influenced by Swiss, Austrian or Bavarian food culture. No matter what you eating though it’s sure to be delicious.

German cuisine is known for hearty food like sausages, cabbage, potato and bread but there are many light dishes to enjoy as well, including salads.

All Tastes German focuses on authentic, traditional and modern German recipes. There are also recipes for desserts, baking and what to make during Oktoberfest.

From their website you can even access German cooking classes.

Try a German dish! Just click on one of the photo’s below to go to the video recipe or scroll to the bottom of this post for All Tastes Germany’s links.

Guten Tag! (Good Day in German)

German Fried Potato
Bavarian Cream – German Dessert
German Bread with Seeds and Nuts


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