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About Jane Esselstyn

Jane Esselstyn is a channel all about plant based eating. Hosted by Jane Esselstyn and her gorgeous mum, Ann Esselstyn. These two together are so much fun! Ann is hilarious and they are both so enthusiastic and energetic. Their vitality is a testament to the way they eat and live, close to nature.

Jane Esselstyn is a, nurse, researcher, and mother who is passionate about helping people discover the amazing benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Her wonderful mum and dad (Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn both live next door and the channel is filmed in the charming little kitchen in Jane’s home.

Jane designs her own recipes and is the co-author (with Ann) of The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook . She also created the recipe section of #1 NYTimes bestseller, Plant-Strong, and The Seven Day Rescue, by Rip Esselstyn. Lastly she is co-author of the The Engine 2 Cookbook.

Jane travels all over the USA and the world doing research, lectures and food demos and is host of the annual conference, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease for Women.

She is fervent advocate for children’s health and has three plant based children with her husband, Brian Hart who is also among other things, a plant-based educator.

Here are a couple of my favourite Jane Esselstyn adages, “Prevention is the New Cure!” and “Health care is Selfcare”.

Try one of Jane and and Ann’s recipes by clicking on a photo below or scroll to the bottom of this post for all Jane’s links.

Smoky Little Devils (potatoes!)
Fast Pasta and Greens
Wrapping Collard Sushi with Jane and Ann
Amazing, creamy Yonanas “ice cream“

Cook with Jane and Ann Esselstyn

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