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About Barry Lewis

Barry Lewis hated cooking, so he started a YouTube cooking channel back in 2011 and called it My Virgin Kitchen. The channel is now called Barry Lewis.

So how did Barry Lewis turn something he hated into something he now loves (well, likes anyway)? By making it fun!

Now thousands of people all over the world are joining in the fun and, inspired by Barry, having a go at cooking themselves.

Barry Lewis posts easy to follow recipes for home-style food that anyone can try. This self-taught cook will have you laughing and learning and hopefully cooking in no time.

You will also find some crazy giant food videos, mini food videos, taste tests and kitchen gadget tests on the channel.

Still want more fun? Check out Barry’s practical cookbook, My Virgin Kitchen: Delicious recipes you can make every day.

To find out more about Barry or try one of his recipes click on a photo below or scroll to the end of this post for all of Barry’s links.

Cook with Barry Lewis

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