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About The Scran Line

The Scran Line is a goto channel for cake baking and decorating when you want something extraordinary and unique.

Hosted by the imaginative and highly skilled Nick Makrides, The Scran Line is entertaining and instructional.

Nick has three passions that all shine through on his channel and his work on his website and cookbook. Firstly he’s a trained pastry chef, he’s also a graphic designer, and finally, he describes himself as an amateur food photographer.  Looking at his photo’s however, they are anything but amateurish.

The Screen Line is Nick’s creative outlet where he gets to express his love of baking and design. His cakes are stunning as can be seen in the photo’s below, and he is also adept at giving clear and detailed instruction, making recreating his cakes very manageable.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at making macaroons, he has an excellent series where he takes you through the process sharing his invaluable tips along the way.

And don’t forget to check out his very colourful cookbook, with the excellent title Sugar Rebels, Pipe for Your Life.

If you would like to try one of Nick’s recipes click on a photo below or scroll to the end of this post for all of Nick’s links.

How To Make A Cactus Garden Buttercream Cake For Mothers Day
CHOC MINT FREAKSHAKE CUPCAKES ft. Yolanda Gampp from How To Cake It!

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