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About My Cupcake Addiction

Elise Strachan

My Cupcake Addiction is hosted by Australian cake maker and decorator extraordinaire Elise Strachan.

Elise makes easy to follow tutorials that are perfect if you are making a birthday cake for a children’s party or any celebration. The cakes look difficult, but with Elise’s detailed instruction and simple ingredients, they are very achievable at home.

It’s no wonder My Cupcake Addiction is so popular.

In fact, Elise is also on the Food Network, and she has a very successful cookbook, Sweet! Celebrations.

To try one of Elise’s recipes click on a photo below or scroll to the end of this post for all of Elise’s links.

GIANT TWIX Bar Slice! 3 Ingredient No Bake Baking
FROZEN CAKE POPS! All the Disney FROZEN Characters.. As Cake!
Make a Smoking Volcano Cake – Dinosaur / Hawaiian Party
GIANT DONUT PINATA – Candy Filled Gigantic Smash Doughnut

Cook with My Cupcake Addiction

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