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About Migrationology

Migrationology is a fascinating channel hosted by Mark Weins.

The channel combines Marks two great passions, food and travel. Based in Bangkok, he frequently travels with his wife making videos and writing for his blog about amazing food and travel tips.

His travel guides are hugely popular and well done. They include tips on where to stay, where to eat and how to get around all the cities that he has personally visited, invaluable advice from someone who has been there.

His enthusiasm for the people he meets and the food he eats comes through in his videos. Mark makes genuine connections with the local communities in the countries that he visits and gives us a glimpse of how different cultures live and eat.

Mark defines Migrationology as “doing something you’re passionate about, and learning and growing in that passion.”

Get inspired by incredible cuisines from all over the world by watching Migrationology, click on a photo below or scroll to the end of this post for all of Mark’s links.

Giant CRISPY POMFRET at 1 MICHELIN STAR – Thai Food Restaurant! |
Life-Changing MALAYSIAN FOOD – Smoked Duck Curry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
LONG LIFE FOOD in Hunza Valley – HEAVEN ON EARTH, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!
Greek Food – STREET FOOD TOUR and Amazing Souvlaki in Athens, Greece!
Travelling with baby Micah.

Cook with Migrationology

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